Make a Difference


Some examples of the events and items secured using YSFA funds were:

Fields trips for all grades Pre K – 2nd

Poster Maker for use by School Staff & Teachers

Hosted free events for the students and family of Young School (Brain Show, Fun Day, Family Dance)

Refurbishment of existing Computer Lab

A second computer lab


Purchase planners for 2nd graders


Gave each 2nd grader a book as a 'Good-Bye' gift


Tablets and single touch technology


We delivered all this and more by sponsoring various fundraisers like selling coupon books, Burlington Township Spirit Wear, Art to Remember, Gertrude Hawk chocolates, Cherrydale Fall fundraiser, winter holiday shoppe and the beloved Scholastic Book Fair which we host twice a year.


YSFA fliers are always printed on yellow paper, so keep an eye out for communications from us throughout the year. We will be sending home a YSFA membership form, the Code of Conduct form and a copy of the civility policy for the district. We encourage you to fill out and return the membership form with your donation to the YSFA (our first fundraiser). This form is also how you sign up to volunteer for a committee that matches a skill or hobby that you have.


You may select volunteer opportunities in school during the day (sorry no younger siblings allowed on school premises), or in the comfort of your home.



Get involved


The YSFA will do our very best to communicate what is happening at school through meetings, email, FACEBOOK and information sent home in your child's school folder. Please fill out and send back the following forms: YSFA Membership, Code of Conduct and Homeroom Parent sign up.


Please see the attached Homeroom parent form. This form will need to be filled out and returned to the office (or scanned and emailed to by Friday September 28th. Those chosen parent will be notified by Monday October 1st. 


We welcome and encourage anyone who would be willing to volunteer at school or at any of our sponsored events. We look forward to working with you and implementing our theme of "Partnering with Parents for a Better Tomorrow!"












Contact us

The YSFA has a mailbox in the main office for correspondence or please contact us at Like our Facebook page too!



In order to provide all of these great things to the school and our students, we need to conduct fundraisers.  We appreciate your help in these efforts. Please feel free to contact our board members if you have any questions.

Click HERE for a description of areas we need help.